Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bloglines adds

today I added 9 feeds to my blogline account.
http://www.creativereview.co.uk/crblog/ because it has news and reviews on visual communication

http://drawn.ca/ was a suggestion from the blogline site and looked like an interesting illustration and cartooning blog

http://www.isochronic.com/index.php was suggested by lecturer Rachel Gillies and it looks like a nice and simple site with quality photography

http://photography-and-new-media-art.blogspot.com/ Rachel Gillies' blog. It should be interesting to see what our lecturer is looking at and posting

http://streetarse.co.nz/ this is a site I found by searching google for new zealand art sites. It looks like a very interesting street art site and has a lot of pictures from Dunedin. It should be interesting to see it its still all there, and if there are any new posts.

http://window.org.nz/ this was also suggested by the Ditital Literacy course. I havn't really checked it out much but want to have it there so I can look at later.

I also added this blog. and he iTunes top 25 songs, just to keep track of "whats hot" . and the defult feed of blogline news.